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Zombie Apocalypse - Are You Ready?

By some estimates, 3 million Americans consider themselves “Preppers”

It has been estimated that for every one prepping, ten are thinking about it. These numbers are rapidly growing; due to concerns over the long lived economic malaise, general distrust of the ruling government apparatus and the current political “stalemate” of the “Beltway Gangs’” inability to generate practical consensus and leadership in the U.S.

First 24: Equip. Adapt. Survive.

Taurus - First 24

Prepare for the worst, equip with the best

At any given moment, a catastrophic event can take place. Having the right gear at your finger tips can ensure a positive outcome to a life-threatening crisis.

The FIRST 24™ system provides the necessary tools to survive as you reach safety. A team of industry experts selected the premium components that outfit this kit designed to keep with you as part of your everyday life. Aimpro Tactical custom tuned and finished every Taurus 617 and CRKT Knife to their exacting standards.

Whether you are stranded on a mountain pass or evacuated from a hurricane, your confidence will be instilled since you are better prepared with the Taurus First 24™.

Product may vary from those depicted, and Taurus reserves the right to modify, change, or discontinue product or features at any time. Taurus reserves the right to change prices at any time. Photographs, description, and other information in these pages are purely indicative.



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  • Firearms +

    Come in today and see our vast assortment of high quality Firearms!
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  • Survival Equipment +

    Come in today and see our vast assortment of high quality Survival Equipment!
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    TSS carries the most popular brands and calibers of Tactical ammunition, Whether It's Ammo For Your Handgun, Rifle Or Shotgun TSS is the Ideal Source For Your Ammo Needs!
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  • First-Aid/Emergency Medical Supplies +

    In circumstances when you have lost access to modern medicine, there is no substitute for being medically prepared. Any disaster, short term or long term, puts your loved ones in jeopardy without medical preparedness.
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