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Zombie Apocalypse - Are You Ready?

By some estimates, 3 million Americans consider themselves “Preppers”

It has been estimated that for every one prepping, ten are thinking about it. These numbers are rapidly growing; due to concerns over the long lived economic malaise, general distrust of the ruling government apparatus and the current political “stalemate” of the “Beltway Gangs’” inability to generate practical consensus and leadership in the U.S.

Aero Survival Rifle

A Winner in Home Defense

The Aero Survival Rifle is a winner in home defense and is the perfect companion for backpacking, flying, and hunting trips. This lightweight firearm is able to be disassembled easily to fit in TNW’s specially designed backpack, so it is ready to go anywhere.

This package gives you all you need to convert your new ASR to any of the three available calibers: .45 ACP, 9mm, or .40 caliber.

This package includes:

1 Aero Survival Rifle with Scope
2 Additional Bolt Heads
2 Additional Magazines
2 Additional Barrels
1 Extra Trigger Housing
1 TNW specially designed backpack
3 level ballistic protection plate is sold separately.

Aero Survival Rifle
Our Price: $799.00

Aero Survival Pistol
Our Price: $799.00

Aero Survival Pistol Multi-Caliber Package    
Our Price: $1,299.00


1892 Alaskan Take-Down

Tradition meets modern technology

The 1892 Rifle was mechanically stronger and less costly to produce than the ’73. A total of 1,004,675 of the 1892s, in both solid and takedown models, were manufactured from 1892 to 1941. Taylor’s & Co. is proud to offer reproductions of these favorites. The Alaskan combines tradition with modern technology creating one of the fastest handling 1892 Lever Action Rifles designed specifically for the hunting market. A take-down rifle chambered in caliber .44RM or .357 Mag, and featuring the time-proven 1892 action, the Alaskan delivers serious knock-down power when using Hornady Lever evolution ammunition which the action is specifically tuned for. The sights are Skinner Express style while the barrel is drilled and tapped for "Scout Mount" optics. The stock and forend are made of wood with overmolded rubber "soft touch" finish, the comfortable butt stock is made of anti-shock rubber. Distributed exclusively by Taylor's Tactical and avaible locally at Tactical Shooters Supply

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